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Watch out for these red flags when you buy your first home

Estate Agent signs

Consider too many “For Sale” signs a warning against moving into that neighborhood.

It’s natural to be giddy during your firsts – even when it comes to buying your first home. When you get caught up in the excitement, you tend to gloss over details that could cause problems later on. So keep your senses alert to spot tell-tale signs of a problematic property.

Things to check in and around the house

  • A damaged foundation

    The first thing to check is the most important structure in every home. Check for cracks on major load-bearing pillars and walls. Small cracks can be attributed to cement simply settling. Larger cracks, however, can indicate potential problems with the structural integrity of the house.

  • Patches of fresh paint

    Freshly painted walls are common in spruced-up homes for sale, but be wary of patchy, inconsistent paint jobs. These may just be quick-fix solutions to hide more serious issues like mold, mildew, or water damage.

  • Too many DIY repairs

    DIY home improvement projects are a practical means to keep one’s home in tip-top shape. But as a buyer, consider these as something to examine more closely. Substandard workmanship can come back to haunt you over time.

  • Faulty wiring

    Electrical wiring may be tricky to examine, especially if you don’t have any experience with these fixtures. But an easy way to detect potential hidden wiring problems is to check for flickering lights or outlets that don’t work. Outlets that feel warm to the touch are also a sign of trouble.

  • Pests or insect problems

    It goes without saying that any signs of creepy crawlies inside the home are immediate red flags. It may be unavoidable to spot a wayward mouse or roach, especially in older homes. But the presence of termites should be a cause for concern because these pests can cause serious damage.

  • Suspect odors

    Any time your nose catches an odd scent around the house, start to hone in on the source. And don’t focus only on foul odors; even pleasant smells can tell a deeper story. Maybe the seller is just masking bigger issues in the home.

Warning signs around the neighborhood

  • Too many houses for sale in the area

    If you notice that there are a lot of “For Sale” signs near the property you are examining, it’s time to reconsider that neighborhood. Do a bit of research on why homeowners are selling their homes at the same time. It might uncover community-wide problems that you wouldn’t want to experience.

  • Dropping enrollment rates at local schools

    Local schools are an important consideration for most home buyers with families. But even if you don’t have children, look into the enrollment rates of schools near your potential future neighborhood. Decreasing numbers can also suggest that many people are moving out of the neighborhood.

  • Poor curb appeal

    Curb appeal alone can speak volumes about how well or poorly a home’s current owner takes care of the property. If you see clogged gutters with plants already starting to grow in them, it’s time to look elsewhere. It’s even worse when you see that other homes around the neighborhood are also poorly maintained.

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